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Change Enablement 
Training & Learning

Essential skills to help you successfully navigate and support change.

Become a Change Leader and accelerate your growth anytime, anywhere. 

Asynchronous and flexible eLearning designed to support anyone experiencing, leading, or preparing for change.

Change is inevitable.

Be prepared to face challenges head-on and
successfully lead change forward.


Learning experiences designed by industry experts in People Change Management, Communications, Training and Learning. 

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About Change Enablement Academy

Change Enablement Academy was created to equip people with the practical tools and knowledge they need to enable, manage, and drive change. 

Realize the benefits of your change and effectively guide your team towards the desired results through our tailored eLearning courses. 

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Receive a Change Enablement Academy badge at the end of every self-paced eLearning course. 

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"Transformative change cannot happen without leadership sponsorship. This fast-paced, informative, and fun course lays the foundation for you to become that change leader: a driving force in your organization that models new ways of thinking, that inspires team members to adopt different ways of working, and ultimately, someone that enables real and long-lasting change. Highly recommend."

Suzanne Soto

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Contact Us

Change Enablement Academy

2 Bloor Street West, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4W 3E2

+1 416 500 1834

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