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Change Enabler Starter Kit

Interactive Modules (5 Module Curriculum)


Self-paced Online

About this course

The Change Enabler Starter Kit is intended for anyone interested in building a strong foundation for change leadership. This 5 module curriculum provides a fulsome learning experience that explores the fundamentals of three key areas: Change Enablement, Communications, and Leadership.

Upon completion, learners will be able to:

  • Differentiate between Change Management and Change Enablement

  • Recognize the role of a Change Enabler

  • Explain the evolution of Managing Change to Enabling Change and how it supports long-term sustainable business transformations

  • Identify what communications is and the key components of effective communications

  • Apply the Four Pillars of Effective Communications

  • Explain the role communications plays in building engagement, adoption, and personal accountability

  • Recognize that communication is different in virtual or hybrid work environments 

  • Identify common communication challenges in the New World of Work and how to overcome them

  • Apply the best practices for effective communications in the New World of Work

  • Identify helpful tools for improving collaboration and communication 

  • Identify the value of change leadership

  • Recognize the benefits of being a change leader for individuals and organizations

  • Describe the qualities of a great change leader

  • Recognize the key responsibilities and expectations of a change leader

  • Apply the best practices/strategies for becoming a change leader

  • Identify the value of being a leader without title

  • Recognize the benefits of being an informal leader for individuals and organizations (WIIFM/WIIFW)

  • Identify the key attributes of a leader without title

  • Apply the best practices for becoming a leader without title

Course Features

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